Cable fastening clamp 5G16mm2 E90

Cable fastening clamp 5G16mm2 E90

Article number: 49379
Price on demand
Mounting distance: 800mm
Base Unit Piece
availability Delivery according to agreement
Weight (g) 68 g
Tender text
Cable fastening clamp 5G16mm2 E90 (49379):
Declaration of Conformity
Base Unit Piece
availability Delivery according to agreement
EAN Code 7611718269738
group 171000
country of origin CH
Customs tariff number 7326.9023
Weight (g) 68 g

Product accessories

Flat cable Woertz FE180/E30/E90 5x16mm 2 FR/LS0H orange 3LNPE (rodent repellent)Fire protection cable with non-critical behavior (according to VKF guideline 14-15) for use in horizontal and vertical escape routes. Applicable in public buildings and facilities such as hospitals, hotels, offices, museums or other commercial buildings (KBOB). Also recommended for facilities with an increasing number of people in ever tighter spaces such as airports, train stations (above and below ground) or shopping malls (KBOB). Within the Woertz fire protection cabling systems also ideally suited for the high demands of infrastructure buildings such as tunnels, underpasses, parking garages or subway stations.
Article number 48950OR
Base Unit Meter
availability Delivery in 4 weeks
Weight (g) 1436
Construction (mm²) 5x16
Halogen free Yes
International designation N1ZZ1H2-R
Reaction to fire classification B2ca s1 d0 a1
Sheath color Orange
Rodent protection rodent repellent
Price on demand

This product is a member of the following product systems

Various flat cable clamps and clamps for fastening.
Woertz fire safety system FE180 E30/E90 5G16 mm² for power supply of safety-relevant elements, such as emergency and escape route lighting, smoke extraction systems or fire department elevators.